Premium Storage Servers
for the HomeLab

Looking for an open homelab server that's big, strong, fast and doesn't compromise build quality? 45HomeLab is a new division from 45Drives that takes our enterprise design philosophy and brings it to a scale that works for your homelab.

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At 45HomeLab we know homelabbers have a strong vision of the infrastructure they want. But here's the problem: today's home storage offerings are too underpowered for homelab use. And, their software platform is locked down which prevents you from doing what you want to. On the other hand, enterprise solutions are just too big and expensive. We understand how frustrating this is, which is why we've created the 45HomeLab product line. It is big, strong, fast, while also being open and flexible so you can easily modify, upgrade, and repair it, all at a price that makes sense for a power homelab user.

Introducing the New

Linux PC’s from 45HomeLab

Home Client

The Home Client is a small-form-factor personal computer. The Home Client is manufactured in North America from aerospace-grade aluminum. It has an extremely small footprint, making it perfect to stick on a TV stand or fit onto a desk. It is fanless, so it will remain quiet and unobtrusive while staying in a sleek, low profile.

Home Workstation

The Home workstation is designed to be quiet and compact while still offering a full PC experience. Its dual chamber design allows the Home Workstation a full-sized GPU slot. Other than CPU fan (and GPU fan if you choose), the home workstation does not require additional cooling, keeping noise low.

The HL15

Premium HomeLab Storage Server

The HL15 from 45HomeLab is a open-source, open-platform, 15-bay homelab server. The HL15 features enterprise architecture and strength brought to a scale that works for the homelab. The server's direct-wired architecture can provide blazing fast transfer speed of up to 2GB per second.

The HL15 is designed, manufactured and assembled in North America. It is built with steel, screws and without rivets so you can take it apart to modify as you desire.

The HL15 is available in three options:

Fully Built Server.
Chassis and Backplane.
Chassis, Backplane and PSU.
Product screenshot

Click below to see the HL15's
blazing fast transfer speeds


• Up to 360TB of raw storage capacity, With 15x 24TB HDDs

• SSDs in add-on bracket.

• Add Up to 2TB of RAM to the full build option

• 16 gauge cold rolled steel. Screwed together (no rivets) and powder coated

• Enterprise Grade electronic components made to run 24/7

• 15 tooless & caddieless drive bays

• Direct Wired Architecture allowing you to achieve over 2000 MB/sec over your network

• Saturating 2x 10Gb Connections.

Staff Pick Applications

45HomeLab provides a platform to run whatever applications you want on your server. For your convenience, our staff picked their favorite applications, tested and assembled them here.

  • Home Automation

    Own your own automation hub and keep complete control of your smart home.

  • Automatic Device Backup

    Connect to Wi-Fi, plug you phone in, and automatically backup your data to your server.

  • Home Surveillance

    Save your home surveillance data to a platform with privacy and control that stays completely in your own hands.

  • And More...

45HomeLab Community Forum

45HomeLab hosts a forum for the community of dedicated homelabbers who are looking to get the most from their hardware. Join the community for support, inspiration and discussion.