Who is 45HomeLab?

45HomeLab is the newest division of 45Drives. We help our community build the homelab they envision by:

  • Creating high-quality storage servers that are big, strong, fast, while also being open and flexible so you can easily modify, upgrade, and repair it, all at a price that makes sense for a power homelab user.
  • Hosting a hub for common applications, including install guides, and place for the community to share their experience.
  • Providing a community hub for support on the hardware, software and operating system through our forum.

How was 45Drives formed?

45Drives was created by our sister company Protocase, a custom metal manufacturer. One of Protocase’s customers, Backblaze, created their original storage pod through Protocase's manufacturing, using an open-design. They created a Cloud storage platform that is much more affordable than most Cloud offerings, but were not interested in selling on-prem storage or hardware. Often, people and organizations would reach out to Protocase to have their own storage pod manufactured. We realized we could better serve them by forking Backblaze's design, which was purpose-built for large scale Cloud storage, into something that would function better in a wider range of environments.

And so, 45Drives was born.

Who is 45Drives?

Since then, we've been guided by a philosophy of openness through every aspect of our company: open-source software, open-platform hardware, and openness in communication. We have grown to be a major player in the world of enterprise data storage. 45Drives has developed its new enterprise business model, which delivers enterprise-level capability, reliability, and service, but without vendor lock-in and its negative impacts. The evolution of the open-source software development model brought a collective intelligence to bear on the challenges of enterprise storage software that 45Drives leverages into practical data storage solutions for organizations across the globe.

Why 45HomeLab?

For years we've heard from our fans that they would love to access our hardware at home, but it was way outside their budget. This makes perfect sense, as organizations have requirements for components, support, etc. that don't fit for the home. We realized the demand was high enough that it made sense to bring something to the homelab level while still retaining our enterprise heritage. Thus, 45HomeLab was formed.