Getting Your HL15 Started

Check out these resources that can help you getting started with your HL15. The videos and user manual on this page can help you get the most out of your HL15 while keeping you safe from any pitfalls. If there is information you require that is not included on this page, please let us know on the forums or by email at

Best Practices
User Manual

Performace Testing

Check out this video to see just how fast it is possible to transfer data using your HL15. The direct wired architecture of the server leads to incredible speed. When your server is populated with drives, you can use the speed of each in parallel leading to transfer speeds that can saturate multiple 10GB connections.

Best Practices

In these best practice videos, 45Drives shares some of the most important information we have learned that can help prevent damage to your homelab's hardware.

HL15 User Manual

In-depth collection of information about owning your HL15.

Download PDF