Staff Pick Applications

45HomeLab provides a platform to run whatever applications you want on your server. For your convenience, our staff picked their favorite applications, tested and assembled them here.

Automatic Device Backup

Do you have difficulty backing up phone data such as images, videos etc.? Did you ever lose your phone and lose all of your saved images? Using cloud services gives away control of your files, and can be space limited or have costs associated. You should be able to easily and seamlessly store data onto your home-server. With the automatic device backup plugin, you can walk into your house and automatically backup your pictures and videos to your server as soon as you plug in and connect to Wi-Fi.

Media Server

Are you tired of purchasing digital copies of media and having access revoked? It's commonly said that anything purchased digitally is rented and not bought. Turning your 45HomeLab device into your private media streaming server allows you to take complete control over your streaming. Upload movies, TV shows, or other media files to the server and watch from anywhere. Create your own curated streaming service, even automatically generating artwork and descriptions for movies and TV you upload.

Home Automation

Home automation platforms are often proprietary and Cloud based, placing control of key aspects of your home infrastructure in the hands of others. Move your home automation platform to your 45HomeLab server to gain complete freedom and flexibility over the integration of your different home automation tools. Your smart home can be controlled from a single hub for everything from security, to temperature control, lightbulbs and much more.

Home Surveillance

It may be important for your security to have a home surveillance system in place. However, storing your home surveillance on the Cloud or with a security company gives away control of footage which should be private to you, while requiring costly subscriptions and specific camera systems. You can avoid restricted platforms by moving your home surveillance to your 45HomeLab server using open-source tools. Gain complete privacy and control over your home surveillance data and integrate into Home Assistant so you can manage from a single hub.

Self-Hosted Cloud

If you have data you wish to share or access from anywhere, you will likely need to use the Cloud. However, Public Cloud providers require you to give over control of your data then charge you for accessing it, with particularly high costs for large data transfers. Move to a private Cloud hosted from your 45HomeLab server to share files anywhere in the world with privacy and without extra costs. You have a right to privacy and control of your data.